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Sir Mutha School is a dynamic institution with a firm commitment to embrace the future equipped with all the career requirements of the millennium. Ensconsed in a lush green campus, the atmosphere is rich with a multicultural mix of students providing an enviable ambience of camaraderie in the campus. The school is focused on inculcating the freedom of enquiry in each childfacilitating the pursuit of knowledge. This will eventually allow the children to realise their strengths and take pride in their commitment towards excelling in the fields of their choice. The facilities of this socially and culturally active campus are extensive. It is a child’s ideal home away from home.

Sir Mutha School was started on the 18th of July 2012 and is affiliated under the Central Board of Secondary Education. This school is situated at the Madras Seva Sadan campus which gives the students easy access to take up swimming, cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics, badminton etc., and also perform in the state of the art 1200 seater Concert Hall. In this school too, children with various learning difficulties and other are integrated into the main stream. All students are taken on field trips and excursions where they have the opportunity to explore the country, its heritage, flora, fauna and take part in adventure sports like white water rafting, paragliding, camping etc.

The students are encouraged to take part in inter-school cultural programmes, quizzing and debates. They learn about other countries and cultures through the various exchange programmes.

Our founder, Sir.M.Venkatasubba Rao was born on 18th July 1878. After a brilliant academic career, he graduated from the Madras Christian College. On securing his B.L.Degree , he became apprenticed to Sir.C.V.Kumaraswamy Sastri. He was enrolled as a Vakil in July 1903. In July 1904, he formed a partnership with Mr.Radhakrishnaya, his college mate and they practiced under the name of Venkatasubba Rao and Radhakrishnaya.

In the space of few years, Sir.M.Venkatasubba Rao became one of the leaders of the Bar. His forte was on the Original Side.


In the beginning…….

Sir Mutha School was started in memory of the Founder of The Madras Seva Sadan, the late Chief Justice Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao who adorned the Bench of The Madras High Court during the British days for a record 17 long years. He was known as one of the most conscientious of judges and the boldest who ever walked the corridors of The Madras High Court. It was said that his thoroughness, which demanded untiring industry and patience in hearing, has been rarely equalled. He was extremely careful in his language which was characterised by lucidity and precision. He had another rare quality, his self-effacing humility and humanness. It was remarked that justice never failed before him and that is the greatest tribute that can be ever paid to a judge! He never feared any man but feared only God.....We endeavour to inculcate these qualities in the students studying in the school that bears his name.

Together with his wife, Padma Bhushan Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao, he set out to transform and brighten the lives of the under privileged people. In 1928 they founded The Madras Seva Sadan – an institute to protect, teach and help destitute women and children.

Always with a smile……………………………….


Mrs.C.Prema Kumar, the grandniece of Sir M.Venkatasubba Rao and Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao was the Founder Correspondent of Sir Mutha School. After completing her B.Com degree, she earned her Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training and dreamed of setting up a school that was child-centric rather than academics- centric. This culminated in the formation of Sir Mutha School.