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It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for me to announce the second installment of the Sir Mutha Model United Nations Conference. This conference promises to be another resounding success in the illustrious history of Sir Mutha School. We at Sir Mutha School uphold the tradition of fostering creativity and innovation to supplement the scholastic learning of our students, and through this new avenue we hope to establish a culture of co-curricular and academic excellence for the years to come.

Model United Nations conferences provide a platform for students to diplomatically engage with their peers in a plethora of fields including foreign policy, economic and social concerns, international relations, and legal and political nuances of global affairs. We understand the importance of holistic learning and hence, The Sir Mutha MUN Conference serves as a forum for the all-round development of the students.

We thus cordially request your participation in the same.

With regards,
Krithika Kumar Quintal
Sir Mutha School

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What is a Model UN Conference?

Model UN conferences are intensive academic simulations of the conclaves of the United Nations, or other governmental and international bodies, which introduce students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making. In a carefully curated environment, participants get to represent the highest ranking diplomats and governments to debate and deliberate over agenda points of worldwide significance.

Why Model United Nations?

The overarching goals of an MUN conference are to provide a platform for students to:

1. GAIN AWARENESS about pertinent global issues
2. Develop DIPLOMACY and team work skills
3. Work in concurrence with their peers towards building PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS
4. Develop a keen analytical and LOGICAL APTITUDE
Model UN conferences, thus, improve classroom learning by providing students with the much-needed perspective to apply their academic knowledge to practical and real-world problems.

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